Fraud Loss Reimbursement Program

We believe that taking payments should be safe and secure. That's why we give you the tools to be secure and protected.

Security Tools

User our IP Identity Verification and Address Verification products to validate your customers.

Chargeback Assistance

Our experienced representatives help you with the rebuttal process to increase your chances of success.

Loss Reimbursement

Up to $250 in protection provided for merchants using our Fraud Defense Suite and up to $100 for all others.

Security Tools

User our IP Identity Verification and Address Verification products to validate your customers.

Verified By Visa

Get identity verification from Visa cardholders to reduce fraud and ensure the cardholder is the purchaser.

3D Secure

Shift the chargeback liability from yourself to the issuing bank when using extra layers of fraud protection.

Our Guarantee

How FLRP Protects You From Fraud

This program provides two important layers of protection. The first layer consists of new authorization-level fraud prevention & security enhancements being made on the network level which are compatible with ALL existing Internet payment gateways, retail credit card terminals and mobile devices.

The end result is a very high order acceptance rate – statistically around 97% – while reducing the threat of approving a transaction on a "known bad" card. This enables merchants to maximize their approved sales while avoiding the rejection of legitimate orders.

CDGcommerce then provides the ultimate blanket of protection via the FLRP which will ACH reimburse merchants for any remaining fraudulent chargebacks that pass through our network undetected. The end result is that merchants can maximize their sales and process with the peace of mind that only the CDGcommerce FLRP program can provide.

Robust Protection

Covered Fraud Codes


CODE 11.3

Cardholder Does Not Recognize


CODE 10.3


Card Present


CODE 10.4

Fraud – Card Absent Environment


CODE 4572

Cardholder Does Not Recognize


CODE 4837

No Cardholder



CODE 4863

Cardholder does not recognize transaction


CODE 6321

Cardholder Does Not Recognize Transaction


CODE 7010

Fraud Card Present Transaction


CODE 7030

Fraud Card Not Present Transaction