CDG 360

Are you covered?

These bundled solutions were all designed with the singular goal of helping you to secure your critical business IT & payment processing infrastructure with easy-to-use and effective tools. You’ve asked us for solutions to help in these areas and this is our answer to those needs.

$100,000 Protection Plan

This helps protect you in the event of a suspected or actual security breach and can cover costs including forensics investigation expenses, card replacement, penalty fee and other expenses up to the plan limits.

This plan can even cover losses due to employee data theft and other scenarios not covered by other plans.

Staff Security Awareness Training

This provides online training to you and your staff to improve security and in doing so addresses what is often times the most common attack vector – end users. We have seen companies invest millions in state-of-the-art security hardware only to be thwarted by a simple attack directed an inexperienced staff member so this is an area that until has been almost completely unaddressed for the average small business.

Vulnerability Scanning

This provides ongoing analysis of your Web site and public-facing Internet addresses with the goal of finding potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited by black hat hackers. After all, comprehensive security requires much more than just four quarterly snapshots and new threats and vulnerabilities are always emerging. Our scans can help you detect all of the following:

Customized Security Alerts

This generates security alerts specific to your business to keep you “in the know” about just the systems that you actually use while not bothering you about systems that do not apply to you.