Instant 1-Step PCI Compliant Payment Processing

PCI Compliance and its Substantial Impact on YOUR Business

PCI compliance has become a paramount concern for virtually all Internet merchants in today's environment of cyber-theft. Simply filling out a self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) or having an external scan done is only a partial solution – there are always numerous vulnerabilities that can exist on the network, server and application code levels.

The reality is that true PCI compliance is NOT a trivial task and the full cost of compliance can often range upwards of $50,000-250,000+ which is well beyond the budget of most small and medium size businesses. Yet businesses that fail to meet the stringent 12-step PCI guidelines are subject to financial penalties and civil liabilities in the event of a security breach. A failure to abide by the PCI rules & regulations has unfortunately been the downfall of an increasing number of businesses.

The bottom line is this: if you are a merchant and ANY cardholder data even touches your network, servers or software... even if it is only for a brief second while the data is transmitted to the gateway through your own SSL certificate and Web site - you are still required to comply with the full guidelines for PCI compliance. In addition, if you store credit card data locally, you subject yourselves to an even more egregious list of requirements and policies to follow.

CDGcommerce offers the industry's ONLY patent-pending 1-Step Solution for PCI Compliant Processing

At CDGcommerce, we provide you with a solution that that helps you to truly achieve full PCI compliance. This is achieved through a combination of patent pending technology unique to the Quantum Gateway which includes the following key features:

  • No cardholder data ever touches or passes through your Network, Server or Software
  • No cardholder data is ever retained or stored on your Network, Server or Software
  • Complete billing flexibility: you can accept online payments, have customers update their payment-on-file and easily process any transaction at any time
  • Complete end-user transparency: customers making an online purchase only see your Web site checkout page and are NEVER re-directed for payment.
  • Compatibility with 3rd party vendors: this solution is already integrated or being integrated into all major 3rd party e-commerce billing & storefront applications.

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