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Since our initial announcement on September 1, 2012 all CDGcommerce merchants have had access to our cdg360 set of value-added benefits and features.

This bundled solution provides merchants with a complete "360" approach to improve their business security and address all key areas.

All merchants are enrolled by default to receive the following benefits as part of their cdg360 upgrade:

  • $100,000 Breach Protection Plan: in the event of a suspected data breach compromise this plan will cover the cost of the required certified forensics investigation. In addition, card replacement costs, penalty fees and other related expenses can be covered by this protection plan up to the stated limits. Security breaches have put many small businesses out of business or created severe financial impairments and this protection plan helps to provide peace of mind and can even provide protection for situations such as employee data theft.

  • Merchant Trust Seal: this feature is designed to help you increase your sales conversion rates by providing customers with an additional high level of assurance from a trusted 3rd party that your business has been vetted both for its financial stability as well as for its access to all of the most critical tools needed to achieve PCI DSS compliance.

  • Vulnerability Scanning: for merchants with e-commerce Web sites as well as merchants utilizing IP-based processing systems this solution is a must. Actionable, easy to read and understand reports are provided for any weaknesses detected in your public-facing storefronts, Web site or payment systems. A comprehensive and constantly updated library of tests is performed to discover any weaknesses to let YOU know before would-be online attackers discover them and use them to try to compromise your systems. This solution helps you to fulfill PCI DSS requirement 11.2 by identifying areas that are currently non-compliant or which pose potential issues.

  • Customized Security Alerts: instead of flooding your inbox with numerous security alerts that do not apply, this tool sends specific alerts for ONLY the systems that YOU are actually using at your business - including systems that you are running on public-facing Web servers, shopping carts, billing systems as well as desktop applications. Stay in the know and be advised as soon as we are aware of critical security threats so that you can take prompt action. This solution helps you fulfill PCI DSS requirement 6.1 as well as giving you an important layer of protection that can make all of the difference in the world to your business.

  • Staff Security Awareness Training: for many businesses the weakest link is the level of security knowledge possessed by their employees and to address this huge gap we are providing a complete, easy to use "101" online tutorial for security training which can be delivered and tracked to your individual employees. This solution helps you fulfill PCI DSS requirement 12.6 as well as enabling you to dramatically improve your company's security posture without using up management/owner time to do so.

  • SAQ Wizard: the first step in securing your business is to identify where the key risks are and building an easy-to-follow roadmap to quickly and efficiently address them. Our new Self-Assessment Questionnaire Wizard provides you with the power to do this through an interactive question & answer process. Completing a SAQ is a universally required component of PCI DSS compliance for all merchants and this feature makes it fast & easy to do so.

All of these services would cost thousands of dollars annually if purchased separately. ALL of them are included in the exclusive cdg360 bundle for only $15/month. This fee is billed directly and separately by CDGcommerce via ACH debit to participating merchant's bank accounts on a monthly basis.

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