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CDGcommerce was founded in 1998 with the goal of providing professional merchant services with an unrelenting focus on always putting our merchant’s best interests first. We have worked diligently for 21 years to provide solutions that reduce the risk, lower the cost, and simplify the process of accepting payments on your Web site, in-store or on-site.

With CDGcommerce, you are a name – not a number – with our company. We value each and every merchant relationship that we have regardless of whether you are a brand new startup or process millions of dollars. You’ll get to know our dedicated staff on a first name basis and they will get to know you and your business.

We believe transparency, control, security and a highly trained and helpful team is crucial to keeping you focused on what you do best - growing your business.

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Our Founder's Promise

CDGcommerce is the embodiment of the American dream. It was founded in a studio apartment by a husband & wife team, Chris & Laura West, to serve the payment needs of other entrepreneurs.

CDGcommerce continues to be family owned and operated and not subject to the pressures of Wall Street shareholders or private equity cash-out goals. This allows our business and its staff to be solely focused on taking care of our clients and constantly evolving our services to meet their needs.

“Accepting payments safely and reliably is a mission critical business need. We stand behind each and every one of our merchants. Nothing is more important than your success and that is the philosophy that has driven our business since day one.”

- Chris West, CEO

The Only Number That Counts

The most important number at CDGcommerce is not the over 20,000+ merchants who have applied for accounts with us nor the millions of transactions and billions of dollars in payments that we have helped them process.

Instead, the single most important number is the satisfaction and retention rate of our actively processing clients and we are honored that this number has steadily remained over 97% for more than a decade.

Simple stated – this one metric is the litmus test as to whether we are delivering as promised to our merchants and meeting or exceeding their expectations.


At CDGcommerce, our team is family. We're looking for talented, passionate, quick-learning and creative individuals who are interested in building a long-term career with CDGcommerce. Our industry is always growing, and we thrive to constantly innovate and improve our products and services to provide the very best in payment processing solutions. If you think you have what it takes to be a member of the CDGcommerce family, email us!

Please send employment inquiries to: jobs@cdgcommerce.com

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Sales - U.S.-based Merchants Only

Do you have questions or concerns about our Merchant Account service? Do you have a special request or need help deciding what type of account is right for your business? Speak with one of our Sales representatives and we'll help answer all of your questions and assist you in getting applied for a CDGcommerce Merchant Account!

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to PCI & BANK COMPLIANCE RULES, any Merchant-specific support questions can ***ONLY*** be answered once you have logged in to authenticate yourself through one of our designated Portals below. If you are a merchant and have merchant support-related questions, our staff will be UNABLE to answer them via the Sales Chat link and you MUST first log in to the appropriate Portal BELOW. We take your security & privacy very seriously and this is one of the many steps we take to protect it.


Do you need help with your current merchant application or have underwriting-related questions? .

Existing Merchant Support

If you need assistance with your Statements, Merchant Portal, Account Changes, or if you have any other Merchant Account related questions, concerns, or issues, chat with one of our live Merchant Support representatives who will be more than happy to assist you.

To ensure the most efficient support, please login to your MerchantPortal™ using the link at the left. You can then make use of all of our support services as well as our live merchant support options.

Reseller Support

Live Partner Support representatives are standing by to help you make money. Our representitives will be glad to assist you in setting up custom applications, closing deals with your referrals, and assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have with your Agent account.

To ensure the most efficient support, please login to your PartnerPortal™ using the link at the left. You can then make use of all of our support services as well as our live partner support options.